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All of our beef is dry aged for 2 weeks to tenderize and enhance the flavor. It is then cut, vacuum sealed and immediately frozen. All beef is USDA inspected. 

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Bulk Ordering

Beef Box                                   $300

Beef boxes contain 50 lbs of assorted cuts including steak (porterhouse, t-bone, sirloin and sirloin tip, chuck, and ribeye), roasts, patties, and ground beef.  At $6.00 /lb. of finished beef product this is a great deal!

More specifically a beef box contains:

15-17 lbs Steak

10-13 lbs Roast

10 lbs Ground

6 lbs Patties (4 per 1 lb pack)

5 lbs Short Ribs


Available on a first come, first serve basis. Contact us today to get your name on the list for our next batch!

Quarters, Halves                      $4.00 /lb. hanging weight


(Mumford Dairy & Meat pays butcher costs)

A quarter of beef offers approximately 200 lbs hanging weight, with approximately 120 lbs of beef returned in cuts; this amounts to about 2.25 beef boxes

With any bulk purchase, customers can request dog bones, soup bones, and organs as an extra, free of charge.

We can also create smaller custom packages for customers. 

If you are looking for a more specialized cut of beef, please let us know!

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