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Back it up! Our farm purchased a load of sand for kids in town. It’s FREE! Please take no more than 4 5-gallon buckets for your family. We hope this brings some old fashioned fun for your kids.

Sand is at the end of our driveway.

Our cows sleep on the same sand. Every day is a beach day for the ladies at Mumford Dairy.

  • Mike

We are looking into having a community-led garden this summer. The current situation is so stressful for everyone and we’d like people to have something to look forward to.

  • Things we can donate: A few acres of very fertile soil Some misc. fence material Drilling holes for posts Tank of water

  • We will need: Started plants Mutual agreements and respect among everyone working together Fence material and labor Rototillers and weed control

We (you) have a few months to plan for this. We realize many people don’t have space or sunlight for a garden. If there are a few of you who want to start a small planning group, that’s wonderful and should take place remotely rather than face to face. You can start most seeds now (so many resources for this online). 🌱

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