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Things take a turn for the worse with Tiny the Wagyu.

Rest assured, she is completely out of the woods, and still on our porch. This is the real life version of Click Clack Moo.

As planned, we moved Tiny to the barn last weekend. She decided the barn was sub standard and went on a hunger strike. Would not drink. She walked back up to the house behind us. Needless to say, her hunger strike abruptly ended when she was back in her crate.

Our newest concern... Tiny has a wicked roundhouse kick. Her only victim so far is the dog. Over and over and over. Glad to have her feeling better.

  • Mike

Great News!! Tiny had a visit from the cow doctor today. She was able to have her IV removed. Things are still serious, as you can see from the look on her face. She is continuing to improve each day. Cassandra and I are very thankful to our veterinary team. They possess incredible skill and knowledge. It’s taken so many hours, bottles of milk, bags of fluids, and loads of laundry. It’s almost bordering having a new baby human coming home. We are hopeful that Tiny will be able to join her sisters after the forecasted cold weather. She is truly a gem!

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