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Interested in Beef Purchase?

We have a few bulk beef buying options available!

A) Our Beef Box list is filling up quickly. If you're interested in a box, we require a $50 deposit (cash, check, or card). Our first set of boxes will be available the first of January. Boxes include 50 lb of beef for $250: 10 lb bulk ground (1 lb packs) 6 lb pre made patties 5 lb short ribs 12-14 lb roast 15-17 lb steak (2 ribeye, 2 t-bone, 2 porterhouse, sirloin, top round, chuck)

B) We have a limited number of American Wagyu quarters available. This means that the mother was Angus and bred to a Wagyu bull. They are being raised to 26.5 months and to allow for extra marbling. The cost is $4/hanging pound, we pay for processing, with $100 deposit per quarter. We estimate that the hanging weight per quarter will be 200 lb, with you taking home approximately 100-125 pounds of beef depending on your cut preferences. When ordering a quarter you can customize your cuts, excluding cuts that you don't like. The cross bred Wagyu (also called F1 or American Wagyu) will not be available again until November 2020.

Please message our page, or call/text us at (585) 737-4724 if you have any questions or would like to order.

Thank you for choosing local!

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